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Some of the features of this extension require a paid subscription. While we would like to offer a fully open-source model, using a subscription model helps focus effort where the greatest pain points are. Your support ensures that the extension is continuously tested across linux, macos, and windows and that we build out a feature set that is valuable and worth maintaining.

If the subscription model is an undue financial burden, please do not hesitate and reach out, we’re always open to making it work for you.

To enable access for a set of developers within an organization, please reach out to

Getting Started

Subscription features are disabled by default. Click the Get Started button and enable the bzl feature:


Subscription Flow

Follow the signup widget through the steps of choosing a subscription plan and entering your payment details.

The flow terminates by copying the license token into your settings and activating the feature:


Reactivating the Signup Flow

If you need to get back to the signup page, invoke the Bzl: Get Started command from the palette or click the Rocket icon from the account view:


To view your account details or manage your subscription, proceed to


This extension sends telemetry events to collect usage statistics on various features of the extension to help prioritize new features and/or diagnose problems. No personal data is collected. To opt out of telemetry, set the telemetry.enableTelemetry to false (this is the same flag for vscode telemetry itself).

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