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The codesearch feature allows one to:

  1. create a search index of source files defined by a bazel query
  2. query the index (optionally with regular expressions).

To define a codesearch index, add a line to your launch.bazelrc such as:

codesearch deps(//...)

Upon save, vscode will add two code lenses above the line:


  • To (re-)create the index, click the Index lens. You can also click the [Recreate Index] button once inside the search panel.
  • To search, click the Search lens.
  • Click on a matching line to nagivate to the file.

Display of the code lenses is dependent on knowing which bazel workspace you are operating within, so if you don’t see them after opening your launch.bazelrc file, open the Bazel activity view pane.

Note that you are responsible for updating the index manually, they are not automatically updated.

Default Index

A fallback codesearch index is configured “out of the box” if you don’t have a launch.bazelrc file. By default this is defined as deps(//...) but can be configured in your user settings via the bsv.bzl.codesearch.default.query setting.

The default index is selected when codesearch is selected via the command palette, keyboard shortcut (ctrl+shift+cmd+f), or the search icon in the navigation bar of the Repositories list.

Note that the default index only configured out of the box. You still are required to (re-)build it as needed.

Cleaning up

If you’d like to remove an index, you can safely remove the directory where the index is stored (this is printed as the final output line during indexing).

Indexes are stored within the outputBase of a workspace, so a bazel clean will also remove all codesearch indexes.


You can add command line options to the bazel query using -- to terminate the query expression from the options. For example, this uses the --noimplicit_deps option:

codesearch deps(//...) -- --noimplicit_deps

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