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Event Explorer

The event explorer displays realtime output of the build event protocol:


For simplicity, only a subset of events are typically shown:

  • BuildStarted event
  • ActionExecuted event
  • TargetComplete event
  • TestResult event (if failed)
  • BuildFinished event

To get a more comprehensive view of the build events, use the Bzl UI.


Provides insight into the bazel tool version, workspace directory, command, and bazel flags used to invoke the command.


Displays the command line used to execute the action. Use the [Stdout] and [Stderr] buttons to view the outputs of the action.


Displays the outcome of an individual test. Use the [Log] button to view the test log output.


Displays the label that was completed. Typically names the files that were generated as completion outputs.

Use the [Download] or [Save] button to copy the output to your filesystem (this is typically only useful when remoting).


Provides insight into the timing and overall outcome status.

Action Diagnostics

Problems detected from the action outputs are displayed in the view as well as the Problems Panel (diagnostics). Click on a diagnostic to go to the file:line:column where the problem occurred:


VSCode has built-in keyboard shortcuts that make it easy to progress through the list of problems.

Invocation Summary

To view a summary of the build invocation, click the [Explore] icon (on the BuildStarted tree item):


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